Conference 2019

The interdisciplinary discussion at this year's energy research calls between science and grid operators led to a specification of the option of solar power production in the mountains. Thanks to more efficient production conditions in the mountains, a third less space would be required for 12 TWh of solar power, while at the same time higher production volumes would be achieved, which are necessary in the critical winter months. The 90 degree installation angle of the PV modules offers additional possibilities, especially in the mountains.

Mountain PV opens up a new energy source from the mountains. The mountains contribute significantly to Swiss hydropower. Are the mountains now also gaining importance in the production of solar power?

Landscape protection and grid development are two of the many challenging topics that have to be discussed with all parties involved in order to realise 12 TWh of mountain solar power in order to find an agreement. This conference brings the scientific findings to discussion and shows possible implementation directions in exchange with politics and industry associations.



The conference "12 TWh STROM AUS GEBIRGS-PV-ANLAGEN. Der Ersatz der Schweizer Atomkraft?" will take place at ETH Zurich on the 18th of June 2019. Schedule …

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Conference 2019