Call for papers

General information

We highly invite you to send us your papers on the following subjects:

•    Climate and energy policy, decarbonization
•    Electricity markets
•    Grids (including grid tariffs)
•    Security of supply (including winter supply gap)
•    Energy storage
•    Sector coupling (including heat and mobility)
•    Market design and big consumers
•    Financing and governance of energy utilities
•    Hydropower
•    New renewable energies
•    Hydrogen
•    Energy efficiency
•    Behaviour change
•    Social innovation in energy transition
•    Acceptance of renewable energies
•    Digitalization (including new forms of deliveries)
•    Energy law
•    Energy and the use of space
•    Energy and regional developement
•    Raw materials and circular economy

More information on the call for papers

Criteria for the abstract

    Please use the following template
Title of the paper and abstract (structure: content, methods, results)
•    Name and title of the author (and co-authors)
•    Name of the organization or the company
•    Additional information:
a)    Allocation to 1-3 topics
b)    3 additional keywords
c)    Reference to mountain regions YES/NO
•    Address, phone number, email address and website
•    Format: MS-Word-Document, font size 10 pt, max. 2 pages
•    Graphs: *.jpg or *.png format, resolution min. 300 dpi (integrated in the document)
•    Please indicate whether you are submitting your topic as a presentation and/or poster.
•    The contributions submitted will be reviewed by an international scientific committee.
•    The abstracts will be published in a conference booklet that will be printed and distributed to the conference participants at the conference
•    Please send your abstracts to the following email address:
   Closing date for entries 30th of June 2020

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Call for papers