The sponsorship is designed as a foundation. The Alpine Energy Reserach Center is recorded in the commercial register of Grisons and is subordinated to the cantonal foundation supervisory.  


Due to the current situation and trends in the energy industry and policy, it is essential that the mountain cantons influence the design of the energy transition. This influence ought not to be only political but can take place through a creation and pooling of knowledge.

Alpine energy research has received too little attention so far. Therefore, the vision of the foundation is to enhance interdisciplinary research in order to strengthen the alpine regions. Various disciplines such as engineering, business, law, politics are involved in alpine energy research and owing to global environmental changes and distribution of energy resources it has become an extremely relevant area of research. The Alpine Energy Research Center acts as an interface to various disciplines and forms therefore an essential platform for the mountain cantons and alpine regions. 

Mountain cantons and alpine regions dispose of important energy resources as for example hydropower. Around 60 percent of the electricity produced in Switzerland is generated by hydropower from the mountain cantons. Therefore, the mountain cantons are essential for the energy supply in Switzerland. Discussions around the water rate, escheat and promotion of hydropower are important subjects for the mountain cantons and should be discussed and researched deeply.

Hence, the Alpine Energy Research Center has set one goal in the support and strengthening of the mountain cantons through its research results and with additional political debates. Another set priority is to include the local populations, communities and organizations in current research projects to reinforce the mountain cantons and alpine regions by strengthening local authorities as well as the local population. For that reason, the Alpine Energy Research Center focuses on working with local partners.





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