Conference 2018 "Individualisierung statt Segmentierung"

At the energy research talks 2018 international researchers from various disciplines debated the current topics in the energy world. In the LABs, discussion platforms on the topics of sector coupling and digitalization, it became clear that new technological possibilities can only be successfully turned into business fields if customers' needs are met. This is why the conference is dedicated to the new energy supplying companies' customer and the access to their intentions and needs is sought by means of scientific tools.


The conference "Individualisierung statt Segmentierung" will take place at ETH Zurich on the 1st of June 2018. Schedule …



Wirtschaftliche Aspekte der Technologiediffusion: Wie verhält sich der Kunde? - Prof. Dr. Reinhard Madlener Wie wird der einzelne Akteur Teil der Energiewende? - Prof. Dr. Claudia Binder and Susan Mühlemeier Dezentrale Energielösunge …


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Reports of the conference "Individualisierung statt Segmentierung" in the press: 03/2018 - Spektrum Gebäudetechnik …

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